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Snorkeling at Pigeon Island National Park

Pigeon Island National Park

Pigeon Island Marine National Park

The Pigeon Island Marine National Park (PIMNP) was declared a marine national park in the year 2003 and is one of the best places to witness Sri Lanka’s stunning marine fauna. The park is made up of two islands, namely “Pigeon Island” and “Crow Island”  and a few rocky islands surrounding them.  Pigeon Island being the larger of the 2 islands, and having a fringe reef around it of depths less than 5 – 6 m, offers the best snorkeling in the area, so it’s no surprise that’s where all the action is. A few ardent divers sometimes visit the smaller Crow island whose deeper reefs are better suited for diving escapades.

Pigeon Island

Lying only 2 km from the tranquil shores of the Nilaveli beach, one can easily hire snorkeling equipment and a boat to Pigeon Island at the park ticket office counter. The island is quite small an unevenly eroded giving it a dumbbell like appearance with two rocky heads to the West and the North-East separated by a small sandy strip which creates a small cove shaped beach on the Northern side of the island and long beach on the Southern side.  The boats drop you off at Southern beach right next to a Department of Wildlife Conservation (DWC) hut, where you can leave your valuables (if you must) while you explore the reef. Continue reading “Snorkeling at Pigeon Island National Park”

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Bird watching: Sigiriya

Sigiriya needs no introduction. Today the name of this UNESCO world heritage site is famous among so many people around the world, and is even considered to be the 8th wonder of the world by some.

The Sigiriya inselberg

Continue reading “Bird watching: Sigiriya”

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The Kelani river, Kithulgala
The Kelani river, Kithulgala

Although rapidly becoming a sensation among nature enthusiasts and adventure sport buffs of Sri Lanka and around the world alike, the potential that Kithulgala has in the lines of ecotourism is still untapped. The unique experiences I have had and the unparalleled beauty that I have witnessed in Kithulgala, throughout a mere one and a half years that I spent there, working with the tourist industry has left a lasting impression in my heart and ensured that it will forever be my favourite place in Sri Lanka. Continue reading “Kithulgala”

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Mihinthale: A Langur’s evening

On one of my recent travels to Anuradhapura, as we had nothing much to do in the evening, decided to climb the Mihinthale rock to watch the sunset. Turned out that we were not the only ones who had that idea. Continue reading “Mihinthale: A Langur’s evening”

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Bulbuls of Sri Lanka

Bulbuls are arboreal, small/ medium sized passerine birds. They usually have short necks, relatively long tails, short and rounded wings, short legs & elongated, slightly hooked beaks. Both sexes tend to look alike and are commonly found in pairs, except for the Black Bulbul (Hypsipetes leucocephalus humii) which is usually observed in small flocks. Other species may also sometimes join mix species flocks. Continue reading “Bulbuls of Sri Lanka”

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Northern Minke Whale

The Northern or Common Minke whale (Balaenoptera acutorostrata), has two recognized subspecies, occurring as two separate populations that do not mix, namely the North Atlantic minke whale (B. acutorostrata acutorostrata) and the North Pacific or Scommon’s minke whale (B. acutorostrata scammoni). Minkes are also found in some areas of the Mediterranean sea and the Indian ocean. Some taxonomists regard the population in Sri Lankan waters to be a separate subspecies (B. acutorostrata thalmha Jefferson et al. 2008) but very little data is present about this population. There is also a dwarf form of the Common Minke whale which hasn’t been assigned a scientific name yet although they too are regarded a subspecies of Balaenoptera acutorostrata, and a possible NEW SPECIES of Minke whale by some. Continue reading “Northern Minke Whale”